A Postcard from Malmö



Crossing over the Øresund Bridge from Copenhagen I got to visit my first Swedish city – Malmö. It was as if the city was taken straight from a fairy tale; exceeding far beyond my expectations of what Europe would be like. Ornate buildings topped with pastel turquoise rooftops lined the cobblestone streets and fruit vendors sold seasonal berries in the market square.

With an extra path for bikes, it was the transport of choice for most people and had become more of a common sighting than cars in parts of the city centre. I was especially fond of the aesthetics of the Old Town “Gamla Stadan” and the Little Square “Lilla Torg” that followed.

But what made me fall in love with this picturesque town of Sweden was the way of the people. The way they dressed simple but with an understated elegance. The way they idyllically strolled along with their dogs. The way they enjoyed their traditional “fika”.

Everyone seemed more relaxed…living the lifestyle I aspire.


Malmö you were just the right place for a stressed out city girl like me – Lagom är bäst






Till next time ✨